Dill Pickle Tortilla Roll Ups!!!



I love those recipes that we all grew up with, they are just too good to miss out on.Dill Pickle Tortilla Roll Ups – these party appetizers are filled with cream cheese, sour cream, light mayo, dill pickles, dry beef, onion, ground black pepper and garlic powder, make a perfect choice for Game Day or any other party or holiday.

What´s more, they are so quick and easy to prepare. Since we all love tortilla roll ups, these Tortilla Roll Ups are number 1 in my family, that´s why I am pretty sure that these bite size appetizers will be a hit at your parties, as well. As I’ve already said, they are so quick and easy to prepare.

You can even prepare them a day before and keep refrigerated. Make sure to slice them before serving. Besides their amazing taste, you will be pleasantly surprised by the way they look on the table full of different appetizers. Tortilla Roll Ups are our favorite party appetizers for Game Day, but they can also be served for Christmas, New Year´s Eve, or any other party throughout a year.To Make this Recipe You’ Will Need the following ingredients:




°16 ounces soft cream cheese
°4 tablespoons sour cream
°1 tablespoon pickle juice
°1 1/3 cups fine dill pickles
°1/2 cup minced dried beef
°1/3 c red onion
°1 tsp black pepper
°1/2 tsp garlic
°6 burrito-size flour tortillas



First, take a large plate and mix in it the cream cheese, sour cream, light mayonnaise, pickle juice, ground black pepper and garlic powder.
It should be stirred until well mixed. Then add the dill pickle, red onion, and dried beef.
Next, you need to spread 1/6 of the filling over the tortilla with a rubber spatula and roll it tightly.
Next, cover the tortilla with cling film. You must repeat the procedure until all the components are used.
Wrapped tortillas should be refrigerated for a few hours before serving and then cut into 1-inch strips.

Enjoy !

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