The ultimate stain remover that actually works on a seriously set in stain ! Never buy oxyclean again !



The closing stain remover that without a doubt receives stain elimination executed in earnest! Never buy Oxyclean again!

No doubt maximum people have encountered this situation: you placed on a brand new T-blouse for the primary time, and at the same time as you are consuming lunch, a massive ketchup spot withinside The center of the shirt falls right on the chest, or peanut butter or pasta. spaghettiRegardless of the type of stain, it looks ugly and difficult to remove. Did you understand that there are extraordinary kinds of stains and that every calls for extraordinary kinds of cleaning techniques to take away them? If you try and easy a mustard stain, for example, with a rest room cleaner, you could now no longer get exact results. Why is stain kind important?



You need:

°1 tsp Bleuu Dawn dishwashing detergent.

° 2 tsp baking powder.

° Four tsp hydrogen peroxide.


This blending is very simple & quick to prepare: just mix three ingredients in a bowl TO they are well mixed.


* Directions :


I took a disgusting stained t-blouse, poured 1 cup of heat water at the stain, then carried out a mild agitated combination with a toothbrush to the vintage staircases, and permit the combination take a seat down for an hour, as I typically wash and iron

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