Homemade chicken noodle soupe**



Have you ever tried something so delicious you can barely stand it This is one of those recipes. When you make this Recipe you’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven.

Chicken noodle soup is incredibly soothing in cold winter nights, and that’s exactly what your body needs when you are tired and sick. Well, this doesn’t apply to the store-bought product that’s packed with shady ingredients.

Homemade chicken soup is rich in vitamins and minerals. Eat a bowl of chicken soup every time you notice a cold sneaking around. Chicken noodle soup improves your immune response and provides a lot of health benefits. It’s a nice dish with amazing ingredients, and yes, it requires a minimum effort to make.


This is a tried and true recipe !! if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, you cannot go wrong here. This is the way my Mother always made, just give a shot it won’t fail you !



°2 c sliced celery
°2 c grated carrots
°2 c sliced onions
°2 garlic cloves
°3/4 tsp thyme
°1 tsp of parsley
°10 c of beef broth
°2 tsp chili sauce
°1 c vermicelli
°Ground pepper



In pot, brown little oil and soft vegetables and garlic for 3 to 4 minutes.
Adding season, chili sauce also broth & bring to a boil.
Adding vermicelli and cook, uncovered, 15 min.
Enjoy !

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